Spring 2017
Used Instruments


    Howarth S40 #P339 (2014). Just three years old. Has liner in the upper joint, so there are no cracks. In wonderful condition, having been meticulously maintained.  New ProTec case.

    Rigoutat RIEC oboe #503RH (2008). Played only for about one year. No cracks, in beautiful condition. Pro Tec case.

    Fossati ‘Tiery’ oboe #3293 (1997).  Completely refurbished since it hasn’t been played since 2002.  No cracks. The ultimate low mileage oboe. GEWA case.

    Rigoutat Delphine #369RA (1994). An older instrument, completely updated, in excellent condition. New ProTec case.



Please call for prices and details on all instruments (845.331.4845)

Are you thinking of selling a used instrument?
We are always looking for used instruments to sell. We do all the repairs, so an instrument doesn’t have to be in perfect shape upon arrival. It does, however, have to be of sufficient quality that it will be a fine and desirable instrument upon completion of all necessary repairs.