If we are not already expecting your instrument, please be sure to contact us by phone or email before shipping any instruments to us! Thanks!


The safest way to send your instrument is with Federal Express or UPS. Avoid the Post Office. The best prices are usually directly at a Fed Ex customer counter or at a UPS hub. Also be aware that the commercial mailbox places can double or even triple the cost of shipping an instrument, and their insurance rates can be 300% more than an official UPS or Fed Ex office. On high value items, they will often insist on their own boxes and packing materials, which also increases your bill and, by using an oversized box, they can charge for what is known as dimensional weight. We have a couple of suggestions for keeping your shipping costs down.

First, try to avoid unnecessarily large boxes with all those dimensional weight charges. Second, if your instrument is insured with your homeowner’s or a professional musical instrument policy, there is no need to purchase additional insurance.  Third, you will save money if you use your own box and packing materials.


Find a good box or reuse our box if you have one. Be sure the bottom of the box is well taped with strong packing tape. For packing material, you can use plastic peanuts, bubble wrap, single sheets of crumpled up newspaper, or any combination of the three. Wrap each instrument case in a clean plastic bag. This protects the case or case cover from the packing materials (plastic peanuts can leave permanent white marks on cases and case covers). Put the instrument down flat on top of some packing material. Fill the sides with packing material and then fill right up to the top. Put in as much stuffing as you possibly can fit into the box, since the packing material really helps prevent damage to the instrument.


Before you do anything else, put your name, address, email and phone number(s) on a piece of paper and put it in either the case cover pocket or the inside of the instrument case itself before you close it. Do this for each instrument you are shipping. That way if the box is damaged, the contents will still have identification. On a practical level, we will also know whom the oboe is coming from without having to search through the packing material in hopes of finding some identification. If an instrument is coming in to be sold, please write on your note in large letters that the instrument is FOR SALE. If it is coming in for repairs, it’s always helpful to alert us to any special problems-if any-you might want us to know about. If an instrument is here for repairs, we will also need credit card information for the charges. We take VISA, MasterCard and Discover. We need the card number, expiration date, 3-digit security code on the back, plus the name and billing address of the cardholder. If you would like your instrument to be returned to your business instead of your home, please include that information. All of this can be included in your note.


For the states closest to our shop in Upstate New York, Ground UPS is just fine. These states are CT, VT, RI, MA, PA, DE, NJ and NY. For the rest of the country, Second Day Air generally works very nicely. Be aware, though, that ground service does not guarantee day of delivery. It gets there when it gets there, but there are rarely any problems. That being said, we haven’t had much luck with Fed Ex on ground; Fed Ex uses a different group of drivers for ground than they do for air, and their level of ground service is not up to speed.  Their air service, of course, is terrific. So, if you are shipping ground, UPS is the way to go.

If you need to ship overnight, most shippers offer an afternoon delivery for less urgent deliveries, which saves money over the Guaranteed Before Noon services.

For customers more than, say, two states away, Second Day Air is the most economical good quality service. Trucking oboes across large chunks of the country with ground service invites damage to delicate oboes, and we don’t suggest it.


If you are shipping an instrument of ours to us, it is already covered with the company that insures our inventory, and you do not need to insure the instrument. But if you are shipping your own instrument to us, here are a couple of considerations:

If you are shipping an instrument to us that belongs to you, you are covered as long as the instrument is included as a scheduled item on your homeowner’s insurance. Most insurers offer non-professional riders with no deductible. The cost of insuring the oboe for a year is less than the insurance of shipping it once! If you are a professional musician, your professional instrument insurance should cover anything in transit. You may want to call your insurer before shipping an instrument to us just to confirm your coverage. For those whose instruments are not insured, you may wish to insure the oboe with the shipper. Please do remember, though, that the rates will be better at a UPS hub or a Fed Ex Customer Counter.  UPS Stores, for example, charge about three times more for insurance than the UPS customer counters do.

Incidentally, both UPS and Fed Ex will insure up to $50,000.


Now that you will be shipping your instrument safely, please remember the most important thing of all-keep the tracking number and the paperwork!


Although we don’t recommend it, if for any reason you absolutely must ship with the U.S. Post Office, use only EXPRESS MAIL. This is the overnight, priciest service they offer. This is the ONLY service they offer that gives you an air bill with a tracking number with an 800 number to call. All their other services—Priority, Registered, Certified, etc.—have no real way to track a package (all they really offer is proof of delivery, and that won’t help if the oboe doesn’t get delivered). The Post Office also has a minimum of six weeks before they will even put a tracer on a package after it is lost. So, if you must use the Post Office, don't leave the building until you have an air bill, tracking number beginning with the letters US, and the 800 number to call in your hand. If you don't have those items in hand, it isn't Express Mail, no matter what anyone tells you.

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